What's So Special About the ETA?


Backed by Science and nearly 40 years of combined experience in
leadership, team building, company culture, customer service, patient experience and private practice!


All Classes are taught LIVE by Jerry and Todd.  Not an online, hands-off course. Certification is based on ability to teach, this is  not a Participation Trophy.


If you are not completely satisfied with the value of this program within the first two weeks of training , we will gladly refund 100% of your investment!



Jerry is a Physical Therapist on a mission to give physical therapy practices around the world the Freedom to treat your patients the way you want and get paid what you deserve.... without the Insurance company telling you how!  

With nearly 20 years in private practice as a Physical Therapist Jerry believes the Magic is in the Relationship you and your business build with your Clients.


Aka the Chief Groove Enhancer, Todd is one of the world's Leading Business Minds for Leadership and Team Culture.

Todd is a regular contributor to Paul Gough's 4% Club and is a highly valued consultant for clinic owners throughout the world. In the Groove Enhancers Leadership Academy, Todd shares the most powerful lessons from 20 years of growing great companies.

OUR PURPOSE:  To provide world-class training for Client Experience Specialists in businesses around the world to transform the healthcare industry from the inside out.  One person at a time. Starting with YOUR FRONT DESK

"If you’re looking to change or improve the patient experience at your clinic this is the course to take. I’ve attended many courses, webinars, and conferences over the past 10 years and have never experienced anything Iike this. It's the best!"

Shauna Manibusan
Optimum Performance Through Movement, Saratoga, CA

"This is an outstanding course. They outline things well, provide ample opportunity for questions and feedback. Money well spent!"

Christine Nelson
Owner, ReBound PT, OT & Hand Therapy

"Do it! Jerry and Todd are very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, and it shows in every topic that they share. "

Tanya Gamboa
Office Manager, Westcoastsci Physiotherapy, Vancouver, BC

"Do it! It's informative, interactive, and fun. Also, there is a clear purpose of why the course is being offered and a real sense of community. I feel like I am a part of a bigger cause and together this community will change the health care industry. "

Kelsi Green
Office Manager, NCEPT Physical Therapy Escondido, CA

"Do it!! If your serious about providing a patient experience the course gets to the depths of it. As a clinic owner I’m am also really enjoying seeing my staff growing, learning and it’s stimulating thought process."

Brid Walsh
Owner, Alba Physiotherapy, The Highlands, Scotland

"The Groove Enhancer's Front Desk Certification course with Jerry Durham has been such an eye opening experience. It is a course set up to excel your practice as long as you take note and pay attention to what is being taught and learn from what you hear. "

Nykea Shabree Agbi
Office Manager, Osteopathic Healing Hands

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